Thursday, 14 August 2008


I had the idea for this poster a few weeks ago when I saw a really nice 60's style printing in a pub. It was really amazing, the colors were spot on, the shapes had that psicotropic feel, that I dont specially like, but in that poster were quite good. But the best of all was the main element on it, a womens face "emerging" from the combination of all graphic elements and lettering. It was just brilliant. So, I had the idea of doing this design... Enjoy!!

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Anonymous se tu es o urban myth eu sou o coveiro said ... (20 August 2008 at 13:57) : 

Can I ask you a question? Why the hell you only got 3 comments? With all this posts you should have at least 20 or so. I Can notice you're not that popular but you use to be back in the dayz :-) So it must be a matter of promotional engagement I'm sure. But well I didn't came here to analyze your marketing strategy yet I came to understand where the "urban myth" nickname came from. Is that something to do with taggin' in the walls? Playing the bad boy with the lads? Or it's just brand new. LoL... you must by now starting to think who the fu*** is this guy, but let me help you find out. You know I always liked to take a piss back in the dayz and I still do as You can See. So I'm the M-U-N-I-C to the A. Um abraco ehhehehhehehe


Blogger urban myth said ... (20 August 2008 at 15:53) : 

Grande Munica!!!. Pois pa é q sabes eu nunca gostei do nome Gonzo...por isso :P. Grande abraço, volta smp!! hehhehehe


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